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Christmas Music and Stories

Christmas Beat

A collection of 16 popular Christmas soongs, including 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' and 'Little Drummer Boy'.

Sing With Angels

A collection of 14 popular Christmas soongs, including 'O Come, All Ye Faithful' and 'Silent Night'.

Storynory's Christmas Stories

Some seasonal tales from the ever popular Storynory, including 'Swan Lake' and 'The Nutcracker'.

White Noise

The MC2 Method

An excellent and varied selection of various white noise audio files.

This site offers several versions of water sounds, vacuum sounds and hair dryer sounds, so if your baby doesn't respond well to one, there are others you can try.

White Noise for Baby

Free download of a running hair dryer, which mimics the "whoosh" sound your baby heard in the womb.

Canton Becker

Three white noise soundtracks (of ocean waves and heartbeats) that can be looped for hours of calming sounds.

Other Languages

Mama Lisa's World - Zulu

Zulu childrens songs.

Mama Lisa's World - Afrikaans

Afrikaans childrens songs.

Nursery Rhymes

Sing With Our Kids

An extensive library of children's songs - mostly traditional, but also including many original songs.

download Baa baa black sheep 2.9 MB
download Bingo 1.4 MB
download Five Little Ducks 2.3 MB
download Five Little Monkeys 2.3 MB
download Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 1.3 MB
download Hickory dickory dock 2.3 MB
download Humpty Dumpty 2.3 MB
download Hush Little Baby 1.2 MB
download I Like the Flowers 1.8 MB
download If you're happy and you know it 3.0 MB
download I'm a Little Teapot 1.3 MB
download Incy wincy spider 2.5 MB
download Little Bo-peep 2.4 MB
download London Bridge is falling down 2.5 MB
download Old McDonald had a Farm 3.0 MB
download Row, Row, Row your Boat 1.7 MB
download The grand old Duke of York 2.5 MB
download Three blind mice 2.6 MB
download Twinkle, twinkle little star 3.0 MB
download Two Hands 1.0 MB
download We are on our Way to School 2.0 MB
download Wheels on the bus 3.5 MB

Bedtime Stories


An amazing collection of over 100 free audio stories and novels.

download Cinderella 9.8 MB
download Dick Whittington and his cat 2.5 MB
download Jack and the beanstalk 2.5 MB
download The Emperor's new clothes 5.5 MB
download The frog princess 2.7 MB
download The princess and the pea 3.9 MB
download The three little pigs 3.3 MB
download The tortoise and the hare 4.2 MB
download The ugly duckling 26.2 MB